Manage all currency accounts

Simplify the management and review of all your accounts, regardless of the banks you use


Simplify management

Of all accounts, regardless of your banks


Regain control

of exchange rates and money transfer costs


Optimise organisation

of accounts for business use cases

Aggregate accounts opened at other banks

In addition to your iBanFirst currency accounts, you can aggregate accounts opened at other banks through iBanFirst's AISP accreditation.

This makes it easy to consolidate and review all your accounts through a single view, and to optimise the organisation of accounts for business use cases: per budget line, per client, etc.

Nominative IBAN guarantee security of transactions and reduces risk of error, makes for easier reconciliation of payments with source/beneficiary.

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Integrate with your TMS and ERP

Leveraging banking connectivity standard, iBanFirst allows you to send payments through your ERP or TMS, and to directly receive account statements. With open APIs you are also able to integrate iBanFirst with any application and process.

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Trusting iBanFirst, your partner for international finance


Funds segregation

In compliance with EU regulations, client funds are held in separate accounts, at leading European banks. Only clients can access their funds.


Account security

iBanFirst implements state-of-the-art encryption and security. Accounts are protected with single-use (TOTP) passwords and dual-factor authentication.



Fully licensed and regulated as a payment institution under EU PSD2, iBanFirst holds AISP and PISP accreditations, is a member of SWIFT and is SEPA homologated.

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