Manage international investments

For venture capital or private equity funds, managing investments and exits in other geographies and foreign currencies, requires hassle-free processes but also access to advanced risk-hedging strategies


Timely transfers

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to escrow accounts, law firms or portfolio companies


Regain control

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of exchange rates, transfer speed, and risk hedging



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processes with premium service and a dedicated FX expert


Send reliable wire transfers in any currency

When it comes to international transactions, banks’ unreliable service delays foreign currency payments and complicates account reconciliation.

iBanFirst lets you open accounts in over 30 currencies, with personalised IBANs that guarantee the quality of execution and the security of transactions. You manage and fully control all money transfers and FX operations from the same modern web interface.

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Reduce exposure to foreign
exchange risk

Foreign currency investments expose you to FX market volatility between deal stages. iBanFirst offers foreign currency hedging solutions with various durations and degrees of flexibility to reduce execution risk and match the constraints of each transaction. After the closing, you can hedge the underlying asset for the lifespan of the investment to mitigate risks and enhance value realisation.

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Get competitive and transparent rates

Many international payments generate high fees and unfair foreign exchange commissions - sometimes hidden in the small print of bank brochures and charged after the fact. This negatively impacts the total return of your fund.

iBanFirst provides real-time instant FX payments at competitive rates, with a transparent and firm pricing. You regain control of your international payments.

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Aggregate all accounts from your funds

In addition to your iBanFirst currency accounts, you can aggregate accounts opened at other banks through iBanFirst's AISP accreditation.

This makes it easy to consolidate and review all the accounts of the investment vehicles you manage through a single view.

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Trusting iBanFirst, your partner for international finance


Funds segregation

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In compliance with EU regulations, client funds are held in separate accounts, at leading European banks. Only clients can access their funds.


Account security

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iBanFirst implements state-of-the-art encryption and security. Accounts are protected with single-use (TOTP) passwords and dual-factor authentication.



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Fully licensed and regulated as a payment institution under EU PSD2, iBanFirst holds AISP and PISP accreditations, is a member of SWIFT, and is SEPA homologated.

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